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Mobile Security Patrols Bradford

Vissible patrols deter criminals

As the leading provider of mobile security patrols Bradford, we understand your need to have a security presence during your closed hours.

In the current economic climate, mobile security patrols have proven to be both a highly effective deterrent against criminal attack while offering real value for money.

Our mobile security patrols are conducted by highly trained patrol officers, who have many years of experience in providing mobile security services. These elite patrol officers receive extra ongoing training to focus their skills on spotting the signs of potential intruder activity.

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How do Mobile Security Patrols Bradford work?

Once the frequency of mobile security patrols has been agreed between Advanced Monitoring Ltd and yourself, a member of our security assessment team will conduct a site visit to ascertain your exact requirements and any areas of concern. Following this visit, our team load your bespoke patrol requirements into our app based reporting system and each time a patrol takes place, you will receive an email showing the below details:

  • GPS location with a map of the patrol
  • Images of any areas you have requested to be patrolled
  • Additional information that may cause concern

A mobile security patrol conducted by Advanced Monitoring Ltd will always be done so in a company vehicle, marked with company livery. The patrol officer is equipped with all the tools they need to perform your patrol including a handheld thermal image device and a 4K drone.

Why choose mobile security patrols Bradford?
  • Highly Visible
  • Full External Patrols
  • Recorded Patrols
  • Perrminter fencing checked
  • SIA Licensed Officers
  • Cost Effective

Advanced Monitoring Ltd provides the most transparent and reliable mobile patrols in the Yorkshire region. Please feel free to call 0330 0880501 to receive your personal quotation

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