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Key Holding Bradford

Our key vault is one of the most secure places in Yorkshire

As the premier provider of Key Holding Bradford, Advanced Monitoring Ltd believes that the security of our keys is of paramount importance, and have invested ten’s of thousands of pounds to make our key vault one of the most secure places in the region.

When we take receipt of your keys, we remove them from their existing key ring and place them on a high-security anti-tamper key ring, with a unique ten digit code. The high-security key ring does not allow any keys to be removed or add, so the set of keys you issued will always remain correct.

Your keys are then stored when not in use within our high-security vault under their unique 10 digit ID, this ID is only known to AML control and response team.

Our vault is one of the safest places in the United Kingdom benefiting from concrete walls, 19 point locking steel doors, full electronic access control and eight full 4K monitored CCTV cameras.

Key Holding Yorkshire
How does Key Holding Leeds Work?

Once Advanced Monitoring Ltd holds a full set of keys and data for your home or business in, all you need to do is advise your chosen monitoring station that we are now priority key holder number one.

This means that in the event of your intruder or fire alarm activating, the monitoring station calls our 24H control room and a response unit is instantly dispatched.

Upon arrival at your premises, the response driver will conduct a full external patrol checking for signs of forced entry. If no signs are present of forced entry, the driver will access your keys from the vehicle safe and proceed to enter your building.

Once inside your building, the alarm system will be disarmed and all details from the panel will be noted, this information is vital and is included within the alarm response report.

The area or areas advised by the panel will be full patrolled to assertion what has caused the activation. If no reason can be found, the sensor will be cleaned and the response officer will rearm your intruder system and lock your premises back up securely.

Don't settle for less than the best
  • Fully Insured
  • Conforms to BS7958
  • Anti-Tamper Rings
  • Unique ID number
  • Movements recorded
  • Audited Monthly

Advanced Monitoring Ltd provides one of the fastest response times to intruder and fire alarm activation in the region. Please feel free to call 0330 0880501 to receive your personal quotation

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