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CCTV Monitoring

The first line of defence against criminal attack!

Advanced Monitoring Ltd, are the only specialist  CCTV monitoring company in the UK and Ireland that can provide HD and 4K CCTV Monitoring services.

It’s no accident that we entered the CCTV monitoring market at the same time that HD cameras became available and affordable to the general public because, before the advent of HD CCTV, evaluation of poor quality images was ineffective and almost impossible.

We are the first commercial CCTV monitoring station to offer camera monitoring services utilising inbuilt analytics direct from the CCTV system, this removes the extra cost of having expensive external detectors placed around the home or work facility.  As standard, we process all activation received through a state of the art motion detection algorithm that removes 80% of false activation, only passing real threats to our control team for evaluation.

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Detecting a threat before its too late!

CCTV monitoring services offer your first line of defense against intruders or trespassers. Your CCTV cameras can detect potential intruder or trespassers on your property long before they pose a real threat.

When you CCTV cameras detect a threat, a secure 5 or 10-second video activation is sent to our secure servers, where our state of the art motion detection algorithm cleans the footage and dismisses false activations. Only real threats are passed to our control team, where the footage is evaluated and the appreciate action applied.

We operate the award-winning Sentinel monitoring platform allowing our controllers to have both the activation clip, and a real-time view of the same camera displayed during evaluation. Our controllers also have the ability to send an audio warning to your CCTV system with one click of the mouse, if your system supports audio.

Don't settle for less than the best!
  • SIA licensed controllers
  • 5K Imac displays
  • Fast evaluation Times
  • HD & 4K ready
  • Algorithm cleaned alarms
  • Eliminate False Activations

We process as standard all video alarm clips through our motion detection algorithm, to help reduce false activations and increase the security of your premises.

Fixed Monthly Pricing
Fixed CCTV Camera
This price is to provide the following

  • 12-hour nightly monitoring 
  • 24-hour weekend monitoring
  • Motion detection algorithm
  • Daily reports emailed
  • Audio Challenge
  • Bi-hourly guard patrols
PTZ Controlled Camera
This price is to provide the following

  • 12-hour nightly monitoring 
  • 24-hour weekend monitoring
  • Bi-hourly guard patrols
  • Daily reports emailed
  • Audio Challenge
  • Full control of the camera
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