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Remote CCTV Cameras

No power or internet, No problem

Advanced Monitoring Ltd, is the only specialist  CCTV monitoring company in the UK and Ireland that can provide and fully monitor remote CCTV Cameras in HD with.

From our high security and state of the art facility in Yorkshire, we provide our accredited CCTV Monitoring services to homes and business across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

It’s no accident that we entered the CCTV monitoring market at the same time that HD cameras became available and affordable to the general public because, before the advent of HD CCTV, evaluation of poor quality images was ineffective and impossible.

We are also the first commercial monitoring station to equip our control workstation with apple Imac’s rather than PCs. This has been done to allow our operators the ability to view your CCTV camera activation in resolutions up to 5K, after all, what’s the point in you investing in HD, if your monitoring station can’t see the true image.

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Why remote CCTV Cameras

For the first time ever, remote CCTV cameras offer true monitored HD images without the need for external power or internet connection.

The cameras operate on rechargeable batteries and include their own 3G connectivity, allowing installation virtually anywhere from a farm outbuilding to a remote water pumping station in the Yorkshire Dales.

These cameras offer a truly new perspective to monitored services as there is no longer a restriction to the range between cameras from Wifi or power cables, they can be installed anywhere!

The cameras also include both night vision and motion detection up to 23FT, making them the ideal remote monitored solution for homes or business.

  • Farms
  • Outbuildings
  • Car Parks
  • Parks
  • Building Sites
  • Void Properties
Don't settle for less than HD

Advanced Monitoring Ltd is the only commercial monitoring station to be fully HD and 4K ready, call a member of our team today on 0330 0880501

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